Talk about a dining experience! Fresh, delicious comfort food prepared with a modern twist, served in a charming outdoor setting surrounded by lush greenery and historic architecture. Mesa’s Bistro à la Mode offers it all, thanks to our convenient location in the east wing of Stonebridge Manor and a culinary team committed to delivering a truly AH-mazing meal. Come join us for lunch or give us a call at (480) 641-4148 to plan a special event at our casual café.

A Different Kind of Restaurant

You may think you’ve found a fancy French bistro when you discover our delightful al fresco dining area, but we guarantee you will recognize everything on our palate-pleasing menu. Aside from some standard sandwiches, salads, entrees, and sides — pot roast sandwich with grandma’s loaded potato salad, anyone? — our chefs change up most offerings daily depending on what’s fresh and in season. Come back often to check out the grown-up grilled cheese or twisted mac n’ cheese of the day. And don’t even get us started on the chef’s pastry and homemade pie de jour!

Bistro à la Mode French Cafe

Why ‘à la Mode’?

For most of us, the term “à la mode” conjures up images of a delicious scoop of your favorite ice cream (and rest assured all our desserts come à la mode with premium vanilla or lemon mousse). But the name of our restaurant is derived from the origin of the phrase, which matches our culinary philosophy. In traditional French, à la mode means up to date, or according to the latest fashion — just like our menu.

In addition to weekday lunches, we also provide catering services for events held at the Bistro or one of Stonebridge Manor’s other venues. Planning a birthday celebration, business meeting, or baby shower? Look no further than Bistro à la Mode. No matter the occasion, we want to impress you in every way.

Your Go-To Lunch Spot in the Valley

Once you’ve tried our amazing food, we’re confident Bistro à la Mode will become your go-to lunch destination in Mesa, AZ. Whether you need a quick bite during a break from work, crave carry-out that doesn’t come from a deep-fryer, or just want to enjoy a leisurely meal, we’ve got you covered — sometimes literally. As much as our guest love our al fresco café, when the Arizona heat gets to be too much, we serve lunch inside the manor.

Call us at (480) 641-4148 to learn more, or to place an order.